Chapati Maker C-03 (NEW) Roti and Khakra Maker

Rs 4,499
Brands Apple
Product Code: CHB - 02
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The making of this product is done in a unique way, so the handling is effortless. The plates, knobs as well as the pressing handles are made with special care to let loose the effort of the users. With the purchase of roti maker machine users can ignore the long time standing before the gas stove for preparing roti. By following simple steps, users can avoid the usual proceedings such as rolling of dough, pressing it tightly on the plate so on for making roti and chapati. The users can make thin and soft rotis within minutes by using this rotimaker. Users have to simply place the dough in the center of the lower plate of this device, and just close it by placing the upper plate and the handle attached to it over it. By switching the device on we will get completely cooked rotis in fantastic shape and taste. The steps are simple, effective, time saving, and worthy.


  • • User friendly
  • • Consume less power
  • • Reliable

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