Privacy Policy

I'm sure you've noticed that have link to their site "privacy policy" at the bottom of our homepage. You may even have attempted to read one of these privacy policies and understand its purpose. If so, there will probably be so much legal that it's hard to understand what it means and why it was there.

A Privacy Policy is one of the most important documents on our website. A privacy policy is technically a legal document or notification on that provides information about how a website owner uses personal information that he or she has collected on their website when someone visits it.

Privacy policies typically include information about what types of personal information are collected, how the personal information can be used, the individuals or parties to whom the information can be shared, and the security measures taken to protect personal information.

We have to maximize the protection of our online assets and must create and implement appropriate privacy policy on our website. Let's analyze the privacy policy and prepare the one that suits our Site.

A privacy policy is a written statement that sets out the terms under which our site will handle the personal information of our valuable customers. There is no required length or standard form for a privacy policy, although many of them contain the same kind of terms and language.

The guidelines for creating privacy policy are accuracy and clarity. First and foremost, our privacy policy should describe the things you do with the personal information that is collected by our customers. 

As a starting point, our privacy policy should include the following elements:


Identify the types of personal information we collect by our customers. it can be the email address of our visitor who sends messages to bulletin boards or chat areas on our website, or who contacts us through a web form or an email. We may also collect consumer preference information from website surveys or other pages, and there may be additional information that is voluntarily provided by users on our site. We should identify each of these types of information.

It's also a good idea to describe the types of information. our site servers automatically track about each visitor, such as: the IP address of the computer that the customer uses. We should also indicate whether our website uses "cookies" on a visitor's computer and, if so, what information is stored in the cookie and what this information is used for.

Our privacy policy allows you to provide full disclosure to our users visiting our site regarding the collection and use of their information in our privacy policy.

A clear and simple privacy policy can make our site more trustworthy for our visitors, which can result in a higher conversion rate and more sales

Our privacy policy is intended to inform visitors in about what personal information about their users is collected and what happens to that information. Therefore, the policy should be easily accessible to new users of our website - a link in the header or footer of the homepage is often the best choice. It is also advisable to create a link from the "About" page of the website. Some sites do not have a separate page for the policy, but include it as a section within another page. However, it must be easy to find, no matter where it is on the site.

Online shopping with can be a great way to get a bargain, get free shipping, and save you a trip to the mall. But along with the convenience of shopping at home in your pajamas and slippers comes some risk. gives you privacy policy in your shopping.

My short list of online shopping sites include that have a well known privacy policy for resolving problems. I never hate taking the time to read the fine print, and on one occasion I failed, I overpaid for an item that, to say the least, was not properly displayed.

Some web merchants sell your information to affiliate companies, so you want to read their privacy policy before you hit the submit button. Our website tell you in advance that we will not share your information with others.