Live Up Dual Tube Exerciser Body Shaper

Live Up Dual Tube Exerciser Body Shaper

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Live up Dual Tube Exerciser is great for improving strength and mobility. It is suitable for everyone including children, women and men. It is very useful for injury rehabilitation. It has three resistance levels, 15 Lb, 20 Lb and 30 Lb. it is made of non-toxic material and is eco-friendly.

Comfortable grip and non-slip handles make it very easy to use. The resistance bands are extremely versatile. These are perfect for toning the body and strengthening the muscles. It allows you to perform wide variety of exercises and specially focus on targeted muscles and other body parts. It keeps you fit and flexible. Use at home, office or while travelling. This exerciser is best for physical therapy and shoulder pain. Use it with combination with yoga, Pilates, stretching and muscle toning. It does not hurt your hands, even when use daily. Perform various types of exercises with its help.

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